Pillow officially launch their Charity - Pillow Safe Havens

Pillow officially launch their Charity – Pillow Safe Havens

Author: Pillow Partners Date Published: April 22, 2022

Pillow Partners are proud to announce the launch of our very own Charity, PILLOW SAFE HAVENS. It is an official charity SC051686 (registered and regulated by OSCR in Scotland) with the purpose of providing 10,000 fully funded nights a year via a network of spaces across the UK.

We gift time in our Safe Haven properties to those who need it the most in the community. We receive applications from the families wishing to stay, nominations from friends and family, and referrals from our charity partners.

Some of the causes we have supported so far:

  • Child Cancer
  • Mental health
  • End of life
  • Teenage suicide
  • Escaping domestic violence
  • Carer respite

This list is not exausitve and we are open to supporting all who need it. We work with established charities to take referrals from their clients where possible

So how do we help?

Pillow Safe Havens are building a network of properties we will lease for 3+ years that we can provide exclusively to gift to guests. We will renovate, furnish and equip them to the exact specifications as required.

Secondly, everyone listing on www.pillowpartners.com gets the opportunity to Pledge 7 days a year in their property to our charity. We then match their properties with our charity users. We already have 100’s of owners who have already committed to the Pillow Pledge and the number is growing daily.

How you can help

  1. Refer those who could use our service and need a break
  2. Donate at checkout when booking a stay with Pillow
  3. Donate some time in your property (it can be as little as 3 days a year)
  4. Gift items for the actual properties to improve the stays

For more details, check out our main site here – https://www.pillowpartners.com/charity