Carbisdale Castle – Scottish Real Estate Investment

Author: Pillow Partners Date Published: May 9, 2022

This a fantastic looking castle here in Scotland.  What would we do with this? Well personally, I’d have a few options.

  1. I’d love to make that the HQ of the Pillow Partners charity – Pillow Safe Havens.
  2. Pillow Partners Center of Excellence.  A retreat where we can carry out team training and get together.
  3. A private home.  This would make a fantastic project – what a place to have as your main UK residence!
  4. Serviced Accommodation Business.  So many different opportunities with this project.

Yes there will definitely be some surprises with this and it’s going to cost a lot to get ready, but certainly gets the mind racing about what could be done.


What would you do with it?

Scott Weir, Founder and CEO